New <1 Club Rules for 2017-2018

Travis Jenson - Utah FNAWS President
Message from the President – Travis Jenson
July 11, 2017
Capture Schedule for Utah DWR 2016-2017
Upcoming Capture Schedule from Utah DWR
September 19, 2017

1 Club New Rules for 2017 and 2018 season

The WSF <1 Club and Membership Committees have just approved the new rules for the 2017-18 <1 Club program. The rules and the flyer to date are attached.

Notable changes:

  1. Taking an aoudad, Armenian or red sheep in North America (or elsewhere they were introduced as exotics) will not kick you out of the Club. So, if you have not taken an indigenous NA or international ram you are now eligible to win!
  2. To simplify the annual program and to clarify the maximum “three bonus point” previous rule (are they consecutive years? etc.) we have made the drawing a one entry per person ONLY for this year. This change may create some angst but note that the proposed change was made by <1 Club founders who all had the maximum three points. The Membership Committee concurred that this “keeps it simple” and also very fair for all.

The <1 CLUB and <1 iCLUB reception will be at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center in Hall 3. The WSF Membership Booth, Chadwick Ram Society Kiosk, WSF Store and WSF Silent Auction will also be in this new hall. The reception will start a 4 pm Friday evening January 19, 2018, and again will only cost $20 for a <1 CLUB pint and all the beer you can drink. Our friend, Life Member, sheep hunter and brewmaster John Legnard of Blue Moon Brewing will again sponsor the beer.

These new rules and new hunt sponsors are posted on the Wild Sheep website below