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Listed are the upcoming wild sheep captures the Utah DWR have planned for the 2016-2017 capture season.  Please forward or share with anyone in your group or organization who may be interested in participating.

Below is a list of the current schedule along with a brief description.  Keep in mind this is a very fluid schedule and actual dates may shift due to weather, catch rates, mechanical issues, etc.  Projects marked with an * are projects where we plan to sling animals back to a staging area for processing.

If you are interested in attending any of these projects, please contact me (see details below) or the appropriate regional manager to get the latest schedule and staging area location.


Jan 6-7: Henry Mountains bighorn sheep capture.   We will be capturing and collaring 20 bighorn sheep on the Little Rockies for disease testing and population monitoring.

*Jan 8-9: Antelope Island bighorn sheep capture.  We will be capturing 40 bighorn sheep from Antelope Island due to habitat concerns from the fire this past summer.  The sheep will be transplanted to the Oak Creek Mountains.  All sheep will be slung back for processing, and this will be a good opportunity to see and help process sheep.
(SPECIAL UPDATE 12/27/16) – 
The Antelope Island bighorn capture/transplant has been canceled. We flew the island this weekend, and it appears that lamb recruitment is very low, possibly related to the fire this summer. We felt it unwise to remove any sheep at this time. Please notify any sportsmen or media that was planning on attending. The Rock Canyon/Timp bighorn capture will move into this spot on the calendar.

Jan 17: Rock Canyon bighorn sheep capture.   We will be capturing and collaring 10 bighorn sheep in the Rock Canyon area for disease testing and population monitoring.


*Feb 5: Avintaquin bighorn sheep capture.   We will be capturing and collaring up to 10 bighorn sheep in Lake Canyon and Indian Canyon for disease testing and population monitoring.  Animals will be slung back for this project.

If you have any questions about any of these projects, please contact Kent Hersey below.  Thank you for your interest in these projects and supporting Utah’s wildlife.
Kent R Hersey
Big Game Project Leader
Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
Salt Lake City, UT 84114
(801) 538-4796 (office)
(801) 913-1864 (cell)