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    Understanding The Complex
    Sexual Assault Laws
    These laws exist to prevent sexual assault against any person.

What is Sexual Assault?

"Sexual assault" is a term that's generally used as an umbrella to cover a wide variety of sex-related crimes in the modern world. Laws regarding these types of accusations change from state to state, but the general definition stays the same. Here are a few actions that may fall under this category.

  • Rape
    Unconsentual Sexual Intercourse

    Rape is any type of assault that leads to unwanted sexual intercourse, and is highly punishable by law, with many states doling out over 30 years in prison for those who are convicted. While laws change regarding this act with each state, it's always seen as a felony in the court system.

  • Rape Of Incapacitated Person
    Victim Is Unaware Of Assault

    If someone forced or coerces an incapacitated party into sexual intercourse, it's considered sexual assault. This includes any situation in which the victim is unaware of the situation or otherwise unable to consciously provide consent to the act due to a current lack of mental capacity.

  • Unwanted Touching
    Touching Can Be Considered Sexual

    Any touching of a sexual nature that's not consented by the other person may be considered sexual assault. While these offenses might fall under different titles, such as sexual groping or attempted rape, they are all considered assault within the law and are punished accordingly.

What About False Allegations?

Being convicted of a sex crime can bring a lifetime of consequences. If you feel that you've been unfairly accused of a sexual assault crime, your first move should be to speak with a sexual assault lawyer before speaking to police detectives.

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